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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Glorify God, Love People, Make Disciples

Our Vision

We are building a committed worshiping community that knows the Word of God, grows in the knowledge and application of the Word of God, and shows the Word of God through service and evangelism.

About Us

We are an independent, non-denominational Bible Church with Baptist distinctives in doctrine and practice.  We are a church that emphasizes expositional Bible preaching as a priority.  We also strongly believe in training believers in order to equip them for ministry at home and abroad.  We are a church with a strong missions program, supporting our missionaries through independent mission boards.  We believe our mission is to glorify God, love people, and make disciples.  As we build a committed worshiping community, we provide instruction in the knowledge and application of the Word of God, provide for instruction and opportunities for involvement in evangelism, meet the physical and spiritual needs of the local body, and equip members of the local body for specific areas of service.