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Life Groups

Life Groups - Winter 2024

Join us as we build a committed worshipping community!
4 year olds through 2nd grade, Room 125
3rd through 5th grades, Room 132
6th - 12th grades, Youth Center
(Children ages 3 and under will be in the nursery)

Women’s Study: Answering the Call

Led by: Leanne Dalpe
Meeting in the library
Starts: September 10th
Duration: TBD
Materials Needed: Bible; notebook
Intended audience: Women of all ages
God created us for relationships.  First and foremost, with Himself, secondly with others.  As Christians, we are called within the body of Christ to engage, encourage, and equip each other through Biblically principled relationships.  By sharing our life experiences and the power of God within, we can impact, influence, and infuse the lives of those around us.  Join us as we journey through Scripture and witness the transforming power of Answering the Call.

Pleasing God

Led by:  Clayton Leblanc
Meeting upstairs in room # 214
Duration: 15 weeks
Materials Needed: book: Pleasing God by R.C. Sproul, Bible
Intended audience: Men of all ages
Pleasing God offers practical guidelines for Christian living. Here R.C. Sproul shows us how to be diligent in overcoming our enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. This series is an encouraging, no-nonsense look at the lifelong process of sanctification.

1 Peter - A Hope You Can Hold On To

Led by: Shane Silva
Meeting in Room 204 (the Music Lab)
Duration: ~10 weeks - Starting February 25th
Materials Needed: Bible
Intended audience: Everyone
In this study we'll learn how to look to the Lord for the grace needed to navigate tough times in the world we live in as well as our own personal life. We'll discover that Christians who compromise their faith for the comfort this world offers, will live in frustration and confusion.
The book of 1 Peter reminds us of the "Living Hope" that we have been born again to. This is the same hope that will encourage, preserve, and enable us to have a life worth living.

Women’s Study: Soulful Habits

Led by: Laura Casoni
Meeting in room 212
Materials Needed: Optional book – She Reads Truth: Faith in Practice
Intended audience: Women of all ages
What are spiritual disciplines? More than activities or monastic rituals, they are opportunities for engaging with God in response to the new life we have in Him. In this reading plan, we will explore a variety of Christian practices modeled by the people of God and taught by Jesus and His disciples in Scripture. Join us as we learn what it means for new and mature believers alike to intentionally seek God’s presence.

Know What You Believe: A Practical Introduction to Theology

Led by: Pastor Talley
Meeting in Fellowship Hall
Materials Needed: Study guides available - donations accepted
Intended audience: Everyone
Duration: 12 weeks - starts October 22nd

The Book of Job

Led by: Mike Boots
Meeting in room 211
Begins November 19th
Duration: 16 weeks
Materials Needed: Bible (study outlines will be provided)
Intended audience: Anyone
Throughout Jewish and Christian history, the Book of Job has spoken powerful words of hope and comfort to people who have suffered or who have found faith difficult. The Study of the Book of Job deals with the question, “Why does God allow good people to suffer?”  Job’s response to suffering gives Christians today an example how we should maintain faith in God despite our sufferings. If you desire to explore these questions and more, please join us for a 16 week study of the Book of Job.