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Life Groups

Summer 2022 Life Groups

Join us as we build a committed worshipping community!
4 year olds through 2nd grade, Room 125
3rd through 5th grades, Room 132
6th - 12th grades, Youth Center
(Children ages 3 and under will be in the nursery)

Taking the Fear Out of Sharing Your Faith

Led by: Mark Sohmer
Meeting upstairs in room # 212
Duration: 6 Weeks
Materials Needed: Bible
Intended audience: Everyone
Mark Sohmer, our locally supported Missionary who shares the Gospel full-time with those on the street, in the subway, at the beach...everywhere is leading this class on how to share your faith. His knowledge and experience, along with Scripture, can help give you the tools and confidence to share your faith with more boldness.

Women’s Study: Out of the Darkness into the Light

Led by: Leanne Dalpe
Meeting in the library
Duration: TBD
Materials Needed: Bible; notebook
Intended audience: Women of all ages
It is easy to be swept up in the busyness of life and find ourselves attempting to fit God into our chaotic schedules. The results are the same, striving in our own strength; struggling for answers we do not have; feeling overwhelmed and lost while we attempt to navigate in the dark. Psalm 119:105 tells us, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” We will learn to seek after, love, trust, and serve the Lord in every area of our lives and we delve into this study.

Men’s Study: Twelve Ordinary Men - How the Master Shaped His Disciples For Greatness

Led by:  Clayton Leblanc
Meeting upstairs in room # 214
Duration: 15 Weeks
Materials Needed: book: Twelve Ordinary Men, Bible
Intended audience: Men of all ages
Twelve Ordinary Men is a book by John MacArthur that studies the original disciples under the instruction of Christ. We will work to become better disciples ourselves, examine Christ's call upon the original disciples, and His call upon us. We will also consider the response of the twelve to the call of the Master, evaluate our own response to His call, and study Jesus' careful, hands-on training of the original disciples to grow in our own walk with Him.

Living by Giving

Led by: Shane Silva
Meeting in the Fellowship Hall
Starts: July 31st
Duration: 6 weeks
Materials Needed: Bible
Intended audience: Everyone
In this class we will learn directly from Scripture what God says about giving in all aspects of our lives.  Whether we are new to giving, or have been doing so for a long time, we hope to encourage one another to be a cheerful giver.  We will also share testimonials of how the Lord has taught us to give and what happened as a result.

The Acts of the Apostles

Led by: Mike Boots
Meeting in room 211
Starts: June 19th
Duration: 26 weeks
Materials Needed: Bible
Intended audience: Anyone
We delve into the Book of Acts to gain a better understanding of the early church and the important roles played by Paul, Peter, and other key church leaders. We will study the Word and view International Bible Society’s Pathway Media video series on Acts, along with classroom discussion. We will cover a chapter per week.