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Life Groups

Fall 2020 Life Groups begin October 4th at 9am

Join us as we build a committed worshipping community!
4 & 5 year olds, Room 125
1st & 2nd grades, Room 124
3rd & 4th grades, Room 132
5th & 6th grades, Room 134
7th - 12th grades, Youth Center
(Children ages 3 and under will be in the nursery)

Creation and Intelligent Design

Led by: Mike Boots
Meeting upstairs in room # 211
Duration:  8 weeks remaining in the study
If you have been confused by the debates about the Genesis account of a six-day creation by a Creator God versus the scientific community’s theories about a big bang, a 4 billion-year-old earth, and evolution, then you will enjoy Creation and Intelligent Design. Based on the book series, “The Book of Beginnings” by Henry M. Morris III, and a video series from the Institute for Creation Research.

Living by Faith: A Women’s Study

Led by:  Leanne Dalpe
Meeting in the Library
Duration: 12 Weeks
Are you surviving rather than thriving; struggling with worries and anxieties; overwhelmed, weary and stretched thin with responsibilities? Does your mind spin with, “What Ifs” and If Onlys”? Has stress and pressure become your normal? In this study you will see how God’s word can renew our minds, replace fears with courage, restore hope to our hearts, and strengthen our resolve to trust and obey the Lord.

The Warrior Soul: 5 Powerful Principals to Make You A Stronger Man of God

Led by:  Clayton Leblanc
Meeting upstairs in room # 212
Duration: 15 Weeks
The Warrior’s Soul provides a guide for how to apply the techniques of a true warrior in the spiritual realm by emphasizing five core elements. True warriors are willing to stand when others bow. With this first-rate preparation for spiritual battle you can stand strong and see victory.

House or Home? Marriage Edition - A study by Chip Ingram

Led by:  Pastor John Talley
Meeting upstairs in Music Lab
Duration: 10 weeks
It's no secret that marriage is in trouble in America. This foundational building block of society is crumbling before our eyes. Christians are not exempt from this trend. There is hope. Despite the mounting pressure on couples, you really can have a great marriage, raise Godly kids, and experience a healthy, life-giving home-life with the stability to weather life's storms.
Each week there will be viewing a short with time for a healthy discussion to follow.

Victory Worth Fighting for: An In-Depth Study of the Book of Joshua

Led by:  Shane Silva
Meeting upstairs in Fellowship Hall
Duration: 15 weeks
In our study of Joshua, we’ll learn how we can have a victorious life as we follow the Lord’s leading. We’ll draw on real-life examples from Joshua as he leads the people to victory as well as defeat. We’ll make practical applications to put into practice the principals we’ve learned together.